Heralded as a model on inclusiveness, the BBCC’s focus has been on research, education, landowner assistance, and habitat protection and restoration. The collective goal is restoration of a sustainable population of the Louisiana black bear in suitable habitats throughout its historic range.

A Multi-disciplinary Approach

In the early 90’s very little was known about the ecology of the Louisiana black bear. The BBCC, through its diverse membership, helped secure the resources to fund the studies that gave us an understanding of the ecology of the Louisiana black bear. The initial research began after the petition to list the bear in 1987. That marked the beginning of over two decades of intensive scientific research documenting the complex and varied aspects of bear ecology. We appreciate the many generous private and corporate landowners in the region who have been essential cooperators in all research projects. Very little research would be possible without their support.

Ongoing research efforts are focused on population estimates, using hair snare data. The BBCC is no longer involved in the research aspect of bear restoration. The state and federal agencies have taken responsibility for those activities.

For a comprehensive list of scientific research conducted on the Louisiana Black Bear please email us.


In Spring of 2011, the BBCC recommended the Louisiana Highway Department adopt a bear graphic more suitable to our unique species. (The current U.S. graphic is a generic bear.)Accurate identification of this sub-species is a critical component to supporting hunters and citizens alike.