Help us restore habitat in the lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley by by supporting our tree planting initiative.

One Million Trees Project

The Coalition is a proud partner with the American Bar Association in their project to plant One Million Trees by 2014.

Habitat restoration, and especially putting marginal agricultural land back into trees, is an integral piece of the Louisiana black bear restoration puzzle. The bear’s successful recovery depends on adequate habitat, and forested corridors between larger areas of habitat, so that bears can move between then, and isolated groups of bears can intermingle.

The BBCC’s efforts since 1992 have helped replant over 800,000 acres in priority bear habitat in the south central United States.

The BBCC invites your contributions to the BBCC’s tree planting program. We are restoring habitat on a landscape scale in the lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley, and in several other river valleys of Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi.

Every dollar donated puts a tree in the ground!

p> Contribute to the BBCC/ABA One Million Trees Project.

Find information on the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources One Million Trees Project here.

Did You Know?

The lower Mississippi River Alluvial Plain is the largest ecoregion of Louisiana, covering 12,350 square miles, and including all of the historic Mississippi River floodplain.